5 TWICE Nayeon Fancams That Will Make You Fall Even More In Love

All of Nayeon’s performances are stellar, but these 5 are especially awesome!

TWICE‘s eldest member Nayeon is highly beloved for her cute face and her incredible singing voice. If you don’t already love Nayeon, these 5 fancams will surely help get you there.


5. “SCIENTIST” 2021.11.14

Not only is Nayeon’s outfit to die for, but her stage presence is also phenomenal in this performance. Another bonus of the fancam is her adorable expression as she tries to dodge the cameraman.

4. “Feel Special” 2019.09.26

Nayeon was a total star during “Feel Special” promotions, and this fancam really shows off why. The way she bounces between a playful smile and a fierce presence on stage is enchanting, and the stylists know just what to do to make her look perfect.

3. “FANCY” 2019.05.02

Throughout this entire performance, Nayeon bounces back and forth between a cute smile and a cool gaze, and it is absolutely mesmerizing. With every move she makes, it gets even harder to look away. That’s without even mentioning her breathtaking smile at the end!

2. “LIKEY” 2017.11.02

This lighthearted, cutesy song is perfect to showcase Nayeon’s playful side onstage. Her bubbly charm during this performance is just another factor that makes it impossible not to love her.

1. “I CAN’T STOP ME” 2020.10.29

If ever there was an era made just for Nayeon, “I CAN’T STOP ME” has to be the one. The choreography, the song, the styling; everything suits her so perfectly, we don’t even know what to start with! She looks fresh out of a modern rendition of Clueless and slays this performance with the poise and style we have all come to expect from her.

Source: @JYPETWICE and @heartlipped