5+ Of TWICE Tzuyu’s Surprising Hidden Talents

There’s nothing Tzuyu can’t do!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a multi-talented queen!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although we all know Tzuyu is a talented singer and dancer, she revealed many of her hidden talents on TWICE’s reality show, TWICE’s Private Life.

Here are 5+ of Tzuyu’s surprising talents that new ONCEs may not know about!

1. Nostril flaring

Even when she’s flaring her nostrils, Tzuyu is just as beautiful as ever!

2. Wiggling her ears

Brb, gotta go try to do this!

3. Wiggling her eyebrows

Did you know only about 30-40% of people can wiggle their eyebrows? Looks like Tzuyu is a rare talent!

4. Tongue twister

Our minds are blown! How does she do this?

5. Spinning her hand 360 degrees

Tzuyu’s hands are really flexible and dexterous!

6. Aerial yoga

Even though she had never done aerial yoga before, Tzuyu aced her first class! She looked so graceful!

7. Bonus: Archery

Tzuyu’s archery skills are too good not to mention here!