The 5 Most Unexpected Interactions Between Idols and Western Artists

When two different worlds collide.

There are Western artists you’d never even thought about interacting with your favorite K-Pop star, and yet somehow, they do. Here are some of the most unexpected interactions between K-Pop stars and Western celebrities!

1. Lil Uzi Vert Proclaiming His Love for GFRIEND

Back in 2015, Lil Uzi Vert tweeted how much he loved GFRIEND, letting everyone know he is, in fact, a BUDDY.

Then, earlier this year, somebody asked Lil Uzi Vert who his favorite K-Pop group is. Without hesitation, he proclaimed that his favorite group to this day is still GFRIEND! He goes on to say that no matter what happens with him or the group, he will still love the group and nothing can change that.

2. Barbara Palvin Telling MONSTA X’S I.M. She Loves Him

During a VLive, MONSTA X is seen in the Metrocity Collection fashion show carpet. There, they meet model Barbara Palvin and have a quick chat with her. I.M. enthusiastically tells Barbara Palvin that he knows how to say “I love you” in her mother tongue, Hungarian. What surprises I.M. (and the other Monsta X boys!) is when she tells him she love him back in English!

3. Anna Kendrick “Joining” f(x)

In a Funny or Die sketch, Anna Kendrick is sent to Korea to train to join girl group f(x), though she initially struggles with the dancing, the language barrier, and differences with the members, she inevitably overcomes that and becomes a member of f(x)! She even films a music video for their song “Electric Shock” with them!

The sketch was pretty unexpected for most fans, but it’s definitely a sketch we love.

4. Tyler the Creator Hugging Tiffany

In 2013, Tiffany attended the YouTube Music Awards on behalf of Girls’ Generation and claimed their trophy for Video of the Year with their music video “I Got a Boy“. During the carpet, Tyler the Creator walked over to Tiffany and gave her a big hug! It’s unknown why he did this. Maybe he just likes Girls’ Generation?

5. HyunA and Rita Ora Having a Walk-Off

In another Funny or Die sketch, we see Rita Ora and HyunA talking about how singers need to have “different types of walks for their disposal”. However, it turns into a competition when HyunA laughs at Rita for saying she only has five signature walks. They compete to show who has the most creative and unique walk.

HyunA even teaches Rita Ora the choreography for 4Minute’s “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”

We can’t tell who we’re jealous of – the K-Pop stars or the Western artists.