5 Unique Body Features Only Koreans Possess

These 5 biological characteristics set Koreans apart from everyone else.

1. Summer Sweat

For a large majority of people, sweat = stink. Humans have two types of sweat glands and the cause of stinky sweat is from the secretions of the apocrine gland. Bacteria on your skin love to feed off this type of sweat and the result of this feeding frenzy is body odor. A study has shown that people with low levels of apocrine glands smell less and among them, Koreans have the lowest amount of these glands. This means that most Koreans don’t have bad body odor!


2. Mongolian Wrinkles

Mongolian wrinkles, scientifically known as epicanthic folds, refer to skin that covers the inner angle of the eye. These wrinkles are common in Koreans, appearing in 80% of the population.


3. Mongolian Spot

The Mongolian Spot is a little bit different from the typical birthmark. The spot is a result of differences in melanin production. They are normally found on a baby’s hands or back and are bluish-black in color resembling a bruise. The spots often disappear before the age of 7. While both Chinese and Japanese babies are likely to have Mongolian Spots, Korean babies have the highest reporting of them (97%).


4. Earwax

Earwax is made up of sweat and keratin in the ear. Many people without strong body odor (less apocrine sweat glands) have dry flaky earwax while those that have more apocrine sweat glands have sticky wet wax. Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans are the most likely to have flaky earwax while 80% of black and white individuals will have wet earwax.


5. Asian Flush

Many Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese individuals have something known as the ‘Asian Flush’ when they go drinking. Signs of the ‘Asian Flush’ are facial blushing, rapid heartbeat, headaches, and nausea. This flush develops because the body is not metabolizing the alcohol efficiently. While it may seem cute it actually increases an individuals risk of certain diseases and cancers.


Source: Dispatch and namuwiki