5 Unreleased SEVENTEEN Songs You Need to Hear

Think you’ve heard all of SEVENTEEN’s amazing songs? Think again.

Many times, our favorite K-Pop artists will perform a song that is so great, we scramble to try and download it immediately. Unfortunately, not all of these amazing songs are officially released by the artist or company. SEVENTEEN has quite a few of these hidden gems that are so noteworthy that any K-Pop fan should give them a listen. In no particular order, here are our top 5 of SEVENTEEN’s best-unreleased songs.

1. “What Kind of Future (어떤미래)” – Woozi

Since it was first performed in 2018 at SEVENTEEN’s “Ideal Cut” Concert in Seoul, fans have been begging for this Woozi solo song to be officially released. The lyrics of “What Kind of Future” (literal translation) tell a story about an uncertain future of someone’s broken relationship and is performed in a way that only Woozi can do. While there’s, unfortunately, no official audio track for this song, you can still find ways to hear this masterpiece.

2. “LOTTO (remix)” – Hip-Hop Unit

Transitioning from the ballad performed by the Vocal Unit leader, we now come to one of the hidden gems of the Hip-Hop Unit. The song’s lyrics are predominantly in Korean, while Vernon’s raps contain more English. Released in 2015 (the year SEVENTEEN debuted), each member of the unit takes their turn and raps about their hopes for success and chasing their dreams as up-and-coming idols. The song isn’t exactly PG (it does contain a few expletives), but if you’re still up for a fantastic song, it’s worth a listen.

3. “Echo” – Jun

This solo song of Chinese member Jun is as catchy of a song as they get. Also performed during the same 2018 concert series as Woozi’s solo song, “Echo” ’s lyrics are about hoping that one’s words are like an echo just in case they can’t be reached in time by those they care for and love. While we don’t always get to hear Jun’s unique vocals as much as we get to see his talented dancing, this solo song proves that he is more than worthy of more lines – and more solos!

4. “Hurricane” – Hoshi

BUREORA HURRICANE! First performed in 2017 during the “Diamond Edge” World Tour, “Hurricane” is a song behind memes that pretty much every Carat knows. Surprisingly, it is also a song that many might not have heard of in its entirety (yet!). Our little “Horangi” uses his solo song as a means to promote himself any chance he gets, even clowning himself a bit with the song’s iconic line. All joking aside, it’s deserving of an official release as the ultimate hype song.

5. “Fly” – DK

If you ever need a song to lift your spirits during a hard time, this one’s for you. It’s the final song on this list that also debuted during the “Ideal Cut” Concert Series, and allows us to witness DK’s otherworldly vocals as he sings about flying above the hurtful words of others and believing in oneself to achieve one’s dreams. The melody itself is enough to make one feel uplifted, but it’s DK’s beautiful delivery of the hopeful lyrics that make this song a masterpiece worthy of an official release.

These are only a handful of SEVENTEEN’s many fun, beautiful, and inspiring songs that are lacking official releases. Which of your favorites that didn’t make this list should be included in the next one?