5 Valuable Facts About Lee Min Ho That Sound Fake But Are Actually True

Did you know that in the Philippines, Lee Min Ho is said to be more popular than even Mariah Carey?

As a fan of popular actor Lee Min Ho, you may know that his recent drama The King: Eternal Monarch has just ended.

But do you know about his real name, or about his immense popularity all throughout the world?

Check out these five valuable facts about Lee Min Ho and boost your knowledge about the popular Korean actor today.

1. His Real Name

Born on June 22, 1987, Lee Min Ho’s real name is actually Lee Min Ho.

When he started his acting career, though, he used the name “Lee Min”.

After a while, though, he started to use his real name again because he realized that Lee Min also means “immigration” in Korean, so it was hard for his fans to search for his name on the Internet.

2. His Childhood Dream

His childhood dream was to be a professional football player.

But because he injured himself in the fifth grade, he couldn’t pursue his dream anymore.

One of his idols in the field of football is Portuguese footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo.

3. His Education

In high school, Lee Min Ho attended an all-boys school so he says that he gets along better with guys. It’s also during high school when he discovered his passion for acting: he joined his agency back then, Starhaus Entertainment, during his senior year in high school.

As for his college education, Min Ho majored in film and art at Konkuk University.

Other Korean celebrities from Konkuk University include Lee Jong Suk and Yoo Ah In.

4. He gets offers from Hollywood — but he thinks he’s not ready for them yet

Being a famous actor, Min Ho often used to get offers to act in Hollywood.

But since he says he’s not ready for them yet, he hasn’t taken up any offers from Hollywood yet.

5. He’s subjectively more popular than Mariah Carey

Lee Min Ho is not just popular in South Korea, as he’s really famous in China, Thailand and the Philippines as well.

In fact, in the Philippines, more people attended Lee Min Ho’s fan-meeting than Mariah Carey‘s or even Beyoncé‘s concert.

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Source: NamuWiki and KBS World