5 Villains In K-Dramas We Can’t Help But Love

We love to hate them.

Antagonists are necessary additions to any story because they help the protagonist cope with adversity. But because they are hindrances in the main character’s life, the actors who play villains are oftentimes criticized by some netizens.

A select few villains, however, receive a lot of love from viewers for their strong acting skills. The following are 5 actors who have become hot topics for their powerful acting.

1. Ahn Bohyun

The antagonist in the popular JTBC drama Itaewon Class, Ahn Bo Hyun plays the eldest son of a restaurant CEO.

2. Kim Jaewook

Actor Kim Jae Wook portrays the character of a villainous psychopath in the OCN hit drama Voice.

3. Jo Woori

Jo Woori appears as Hyun Soo Ah in the drama My ID Is Gangnam Beauty. Because of her beauty, she is the most popular girl in the chemistry department, but her good looks prove to be deceiving.

4. Kim Seo Hyung

Kim Seo Hyung plays the role of Shin Aeri in the drama Temptation of Wife where she has an affair with the protagonist’s husband.

5. Lee Yoo Ri

Lee Yoo Ri appears as Yeon Min Jung in the drama Jang Bo Ri Is Here! She ruthlessly pursues a better life with wealth and status.

Source: Insight