Here Are The 5 Ways BLACKPINK’s Lisa Serves Totally Different Vibes While Wearing The Same Jacket

Who knew there were so many ways to style tweed?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has always been known for her fierce sense of style. While at Harper’s BAZAAR for her photoshoot, Lisa found the time to show off just how stylish she is by taking one fashion essential and styling it in 5 different ways.

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For this challenge, Lisa chose Celine‘s “Chasseur” jacket in Bouclé tweed. As the muse and global ambassador for the fashion house, it only makes sense for her to choose one of their pieces to work with. While Lisa’s piece costs $3,450, her fashion advice works for various jackets and blazers.

Armed with a full rack of fashion, her favorite blazer, and her creativity, Lisa delivered some stylish looks. Here are the 5 different ways Lisa styled this jacket.

1. Night On The Town

For Lisa’s first look, she took a simple silver slip dress and belted it off to create shape. Accessorized with a white crossbody bag, this look screams night out. The silver dress is eyecatching while the tweed jacket tones the look down just enough to get all the eyes on you subtly.

2. Bussiness Badass

The pussy-bow blouse has been known as a symbol of feminine strength within the business world for years. Lisa took this blouse and modernized it by adding jeans to complete the look. With the bow accented by her jacket, we can see Lisa owning any boardroom she enters.

3. Casual Friday Couture

Lisa goes for a more casual, working girl vibe in her 3rd look. Mixing a simple striped button-up with jeans gives off a very comfortable vibe. Add in her choice of a simple black boot and a stylish, brown crossbody purse, and you have a look ready to go from the office to drinks after work with no change needed. The blazer is very smartly used here as it adds an extra layer of formality to bolster the outfit.

4. Athletic Aesthetic

In what might be her most unique look out of the bunch, Lisa plays with a casual, athletic vibe for the blazer. By combining the jacket with a zip-up grey hoodie, Lisa takes this traditionally formal piece and tones it down. She then combines it with a cropped t-shirt and leggings to give it that push into comfortable, activewear territory.

5. Quintessentially Lisa

Her final look can only be described as quintessentially Lisa. By mixing an edgy cutout crop-top, worn jeans, and a baseball cap with her tweed blazer, Lisa creates a genre of fashion all her own that truly elevates the look.

Did you learn anything from Lisa’s styling? Which of Lisa’s looks was your favorite? Let us know, and to watch her outfits in full, check out the video below:

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Same Fit, Different Vibes