5 Ways K-pop Fans Deal With Living In A Different Time Zone Than Korea

The struggle is real.

Considering there are K-Pop fans all around the world, it’s not always going to be easy to keep up with your faves in real-time. Here are five ways K-Pop fans deal with enjoying content while living in a different time zone than Korea.

1. Waking up way too early

Sometimes checking out the latest music video drop means waking up before the sun does. Our eyes may be blurry from sleep, but nothing’s stopping us!

2. Maybe a nap will help

If a live concert is scheduled for the middle of the night, your time, there’s a simple solution… Set an alarm and nap until it’s time. Then wake up and party!

3. An all-nighter never hurt

There’s something exciting about staying up all night in anticipation for a live concert. Of course, sleep can be exciting too. Are you yawning yet?

4. Should be working/studying

Have you ever watched something K-Pop related while on the clock? What about when you were supposed to be studying? We all love enjoying content whenever we can, just don’t forget to manage your time!

5. Wake me up when it’s over

Sometimes, sleep comes first. While watching something live is always exciting, sometimes it’s just not worth it. The content will always be there to enjoy later, but sleep won’t.