5 Easy Ways To Make Your Face Look Smaller, According To Koreans

Check out what accessories Korean stars use to make their faces appear slimmer!

1. Bold Earrings

Chandelier-like earrings make it tough to tell whether the earrings are big or whether the wearer’s face is small!

These bold earrings pull the attention to the jawline of whoever is wearing them, giving the appearance of a sharper jawline.


2. Long Dangling Earrings

Super long “drop earrings” help make a round face appear longer and slimmer.

These long earrings will help slim down faces with short jaws and protruding cheekbones. They’re also super delicate and pretty. Even boy group members are wearing these long earrings to make their sharp jawlines even more defined!


3. Hair Accessories

A unique hairband or a lace hairband will bring the focus to the top of someone’s head rather than the bottom.

Ensure you don’t cover your jawline with your baby hairs — you might end up making your face look bigger. Show off your forehead and cheekbones proudly! A hairband will also help the wearer look very young and fresh!


4. Sunglasses

Over-sized sunglasses are very in this summer! Use a pair to make your face look smaller in comparison. Cat-eye and round sunglasses are the choice of Korean celebrities! These shapes have a super slimming effect for the wearer.

People with round faces usually pick angled frames and those with sharp angled jawlines should pick round sunglasses. This is how you trick the eye to seeing a slimmer face shape!


5. Bucket Hat

It’s a blast from the past! This accessory had huge popularity in the 90’s and it’s back. The wider the brim of the hat, the smaller your face looks. Those with longer faces should look to a hat with a smaller brim or even a fedora.

Bucket hats with special designs on the brim can also help to make the face look smaller.

Floppy hats like this make your face look tiny due to the wide brim and parts of the brim covering your face.

A darker colour can also have slimming effects!

Source: 1boon