5 Ways To Trick People Into Thinking You Have A Petite Face

Here’s how to get a smaller face, surgery-free.

Not everyone is born with a small visage like Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mimic her look, if you want to. Here are five tips and tricks to help you get a smaller face without surgery!


1. Choose the right haircut

Haircuts are like magic; they can drastically change a person’s appearance in the blink of an eye. Choosing the right one can be tricky, but there are some failsafe ‘dos that are sure to shrink your face and even sharpen your jawline!


Red Velvet‘s Seulgi‘s beautiful face is on the round side, but over the years she has managed to make it appear longer and more narrow by changing her haircut.


Seulgi made people sit up and take notice when she debuted this iconic, doll-like haircut.

Bangs are often used to cover and shrink the forehead, but Seulgi’s short fringe actually lengthens her forehead in a flattering way that makes her face appear slightly more oval than it really is. Her fringe also isn’t too wide, which allows her long hair to drape over her cheekbones like curtains. This creates the illusion that her face ends where her hair begins, making her face appear much smaller and sharper. Seulgi’s elbow-length locks also help to lengthen her face rather than widen it.


2. Play around with hairstyles

Wearing your hair the same way day after day can get boring, but luckily you don’t always have to wear your hair down to get a smaller looking face.

A topknot, for instance, creates a verticle illusion much like Seulgi’s elbow-length hair does. By adding a bun to the top of your head you can visually lengthen your face for a slimming effect.

A high ponytail like TWICE Momo‘s has the same effect, plus her fringe’s longer sides create an invisible line from her cheekbones to her jawline, which slims her face even more.


3. Use accessories

Large, chandelier earrings like BLACKPINK Lisa‘s, can confuse the eyes and make the wearer’s face look smaller by comparison.


Earrings that dangle below the jawline also make a circular face appear more oval.


Not to mention, they can add a bold splash of glam to any outfit!


Over-sized sunglasses are also a good way to make your face look smaller.


Cat-eye and round sunglasses are especially popular with Korean celebs!


4. Try new make-up techniques

Like a haircut, make-up can dramatically change a person’s appearance and can be used to temporarily change the face’s size and shape.


Subtle contouring can sharpen the jaw into a more narrow V-line like EXO Baekhyun‘s…


…or narrow a naturally wider forehead like f(x) Victoria‘s.


5. Wear flattering hats and headbands

Again, accessories are your friends! If earrings and sunglasses aren’t your things, you could try a headband instead. A unique hair accessory will bring the focus to the top of your head rather than the bottom, and it will slim your face by lengthening it.


Hats are also a good choice. The wider the brim of the hat, the smaller your face looks.


Just don’t get too carried away!