5 Words That Are A MUST For K-Pop Fans To Know

Do you know these or did you learn something new?

Korean YouTuber Korean Unnie is an incredible teacher who shares her knowledge about the country’s language and culture.

Source: Ethan Brooke/Pexels

In one of her videos, she shared the five must-know words for K-Pop fans.

1. Yeonseubsaeng – Trainee

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

2. Debwi – Debut

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

3. Sasaeng – Obsessive fan 

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

4.  Leedeo – A group’s leader

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

5. Maknae – A group’s youngest member 

Source: Korean Unnie/YouTube

Are you a new K-Pop fan and did you learn something new? Or are you a seasoned K-Pop veteran and already knew these words and then some?

Either way, be sure to check out Korean Unnie’s video below for proper pronunciations and example sentences, and if you have time, be sure to visit her channel for a wealth of other information.