50+ Best BTS Tweets From 2013 To Remind You Of How Far They’ve Come

“This got 100,000 views!”

BTS debuted in 2013, making 2020 their seventh year in the industry. They may not have attracted millions of fans since the start, but they have always shown their appreciation to ARMYs especially by constantly updating their Twitter account.

From hitting their first 100,000 views, to dying their hair for the first time, to posting their first selcas, these tweets from 2013 will remind you of all the good things that happened in the early years.

Check them out below!

1. When V wished everyone a happy lunch with the most adorable selca

2. When they were star-struck after meeting K.Will

3. When Jimin laughingly told V he has to be on stage soon

4. When BTS reached 20,000 followers on Twitter

5. When V had “snot” on his face

6. When J-Hope told Gwangju to wait for him

7. When RM wanted to eat

8. When J-Hope made a Christmas drawing

9. When Jimin shared his Christmas drawing

10. When Suga greeted everyone Merry Christmas with a selca

11. When they shared their Christmas plans

12. When BTS spent a simple Christmas together

13. When RM loved his hair growth

14. When V made the funniest derp faces after practice

15. When Suga loved his long hair

16. When J-Hope showed off his rose phone

17. When Jin took a selca in a pretty snow field

18. When Jin took the cutest photo

19. When Jimin shared that he wrote a blog

20. When Jungkook graduated and the hyungs were there

21. When J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook shot a BTS photo of “Graduation Song”

And here’s the MV:

22. When J-Hope fanboyed over Kyle Hanagami’s comment that praised him

23. When RM joked that he almost died while climbing a mountain

24. When they celebrated having 100,000 views

They were talking about this song:

25. When RM actually wore his hair in dreads

26. When Jungkook had many nicknames

27. When Suga showed off how pretty he is

28. When Suga expressed his love for photography

29. When Jimin practiced alone in the morning

30. When BTS fanboyed over choreographers Keone and Mari

31. When Suga came to shoot a profile picture

32. When Jin’s caption was just: “Jin.”

33. When Suga perfectly captured flowers on camera

34. When Jimin practiced all day

35. When RM’s hair was up there

36. When Jimin and RM remembered their wardrobe malfunction

In case you didn’t know, it was from this performance:

37. When RM had curly hair

38. When Suga shared his first selca

39. When Suga, J-Hope, and RM worked all day in a studio

40. When Jimin took a selca with a random chic cat

41. When Jimin was about to take his graduation photo

42. When Min-PD was in the house

43. When Suga took a photo of J-Hope hard at work

44. When V wasn’t revealed yet to the public since he was their “secret member”

45. When Jimin dyed his hair for the first time

46. When they inadvertently promoted “Dope” since 2013

47. When Jimin shared a picture with his maknae for curious fans

48. When Suga was TaeTiSeo’s fourth member

49. When Jin and V pouted in one of their first pictures together

50. When J-Hope and V took one of their first selcas together

51. When Jin apparently fell asleep beside Jimin

52. When V matched the dog he posed with

53. When Jungkook was excited to do an interview at MCountdown

54. When they were ecstatic at the number of fans that came to their fan signing event

55. When one of the first complete BTS group photos was posted

BTS has truly come so far!

From 2013…

…to now!