Here Are 50+ Genres Of Music Found In K-Pop That Prove Its Versatility And Wide-Ranging Appeal

K-Pop isn’t just pop music by a long shot.

Sometimes, haters of K-Pop try to argue that all music in the genre sounds the same as a reason for why Korean Pop music isn’t good. Of course, fans of K-Pop know that this simply isn’t true! In fact, K-Pop encompasses so many other genres within it that it’s nearly overwhelming, and there are enough of them that everyone should be able to find something that appeals to them within K-Pop. Here are 50+ different genres found within the K-pop music industry, though this is by no means an exhaustive list.

1. Synthpop

Example: “Siren” by Sunmi

2. Moombahton

Example: “Runner” by UP10TION

3. UK Garage

Example: “Now or Never” by SF9

4. Bubblegum Pop

Example: “Pink Blusher” by IZ*ONE

5. New Jack Swing

Example: “Ring Ring Ring” by VeriVery

6. Techno

Example: “E” by Boys24

7. Funk

Example: “Do It” by MASC

8. Marching Band/Drumline

Example: “ON” by BTS

9. Chamber/Orchestral Pop

Example: “Abandoned” by Brown Eyed Girls

10. Dance Rock

Example: “Labyrinth” by GFRIEND

11. Goth Pop

Example: “Hyde” by VIXX

12. Art Punk

Example: “Puppet” by Marmello

13. Low Bap

Example: “724148” by AGUST D

14. Dance Pop

Example: “D.D.D” by The Boyz

15. Grunge Rock

Example: “Rescue Me” by DAY6

16. Anime

Example: “Candy” by G-reyish

17. New Wave

Example: “Days Gone By” by DAY6

18. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Example: “Like a Baby” by Kanto

19. Hardcore Punk

Example: “Do or Die” by Lee Hongki

20. Ambient

Example: “360” by Park Jihoon

21. Breakcore

Example: “Life in Color” by Beenzino

22. Electro Swing

Example: “Black Heart” by UNB

23. Chillwave/Synthwave

Example: “Suitable” by Uza

24. Dream Pop

Example: “I’m Not Afraid” by Holland

25. Alternative Rap

Example: “Like Me” by pH-1

26. Korean Fusion

Example: “Lit” by ONEUS

27. Pop Ballad

Example: “The Best Thing I Ever Did” by TWICE

28. Contemporary Jazz

Example: “Shake It Shake It” by Road Boyz

29. Heavy Metal

Example: “Breaking Out” by Asiana

30. Country Pop

Example: “Stay” by BLACKPINK

31. Ballad

Example: “Beside Me” by Davichi

32. Punk Rock

Example: “Round and Round” by Five Run Strike

33. Dubstep

Example: “Catch Me” by TVXQ

34. Indie Folk

Example: “Camellia Flower” by 015B and Jane Jang

35. Reggae

Example: “Don’t Be Shy” by Primary

36. Electropop

Example: “Number 9” by T-ARA

37. Acapella

Example: “Why Should I?” by Awesome Baby

38. Flamenco

Example: “Sonatine” by LOONA 1/3

39. Blues Rock

Example: “Love Me” by ONEWE

40. Jazz Blues

Example: “Be Good” by JJCC

41. Cowboy/Western

Example: “NomNomNom” by Sunny Hill

42. Classic Blues

Example: “Temptation” by ATT

43. Bouncy Techno

Example: “Doo Doom Chit” by Crayon Pop

44. Rock & Roll

Example: “Critical Beauty” by PENTAGON

45. Trap

Example: “Fiance” by Mino

46. Club

Example: “Girl Talk” by 84LY

47. Swing

Example: “Is Who” by Minseo

48. Smooth Jazz

Example: “Dream” by Suzy and Baekhyun

49. Tropical House

Example: “Honestly…” by Eric Nam

50. Soft EDM

Example: “Like This” by PENTAGON

51. Deep House

Example: “Your Gravity” by UP10TION

52. Zouk

Example: “Fast Pace” by SEVENTEEN

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