The 6 Most Beautiful Dresses Korean Celebrities Wore To “The 59th Grand Bell Awards”

They put refreshing twists on classic looks.

In addition to taking home many wins at The 59th Grand Bell Awards (also known as Daejong Film Awards), Korean celebrities walked the red carpet in style. Here are six of the most beautiful dresses they wore to the event.

1. Han Hyo Joo

Moving actress Han Hyo Joo wore a long-sleeved a-line dress. The silver detailing and design elevated the white dress for an elegant look.

Han Hyo Joo

2. Kim Seo Hyung

Pale Moon actress Kim Seo Hyun put a refreshing twist on the classic black dress. The sides were decorated with a floral pattern that hugged her curves.

Kim Seo Hyung

3. Song Min Kyung

Singer and actress Song Min Kyung stepped onto the red carpet with a tasteful but classic look. She wore a simple cream dress that was brought to life with a beautiful wrap around her shoulders and stunning folds at the bottom.

Song Min Kyung

4. Kim Cho Rong

Although she was hosting, announcer Kim Cho Rong did so in style. The beautiful announcer wore a form-fitting lace dress in a white floral design.

Kim Cho Rong

5. Oh Woo Ri

Hail to Hell actress Oh Woo Ri wore a sleeveless black dress with a beautiful white lace on top.

Oh Woo Ri

6. Kim Hye Yoon

Although there aren’t many pictures of Snowdrop actress Kim Hye Yoon’s look, she wore a stunning cream dress that was beautifully draped at the top with flowers as straps.

Kim Hye Yoon | @hye_yoon1110/Instagram