6 Adorable Times Where TWICE Japanese Members Forgot How To Speak Japanese

When you forget your first language!

1. Mina Is Having Fun

Mina had a bit of a slip up when she was being filmed for TWICE’s Official Japan Fanclub. While she was speaking Japanese, she casually says “it’s fun” in Korean. But she’s quick to notice her mistake and continues speaking in Japanese.


2. Momo In Trouble

Like Mina, Momo casually throws in some Korean while talking in Japanese. Unlike Mina, she has a hard time coming back from it. She has such a hard time that she says speaking Japanese is too difficult and she can’t do it!


3. Momo and Sana Completely Forget

While doing a live stream in Japan, Momo and Sana seem to forget they are actually Japanese! During the broadcast, Momo says that it’s been a long time since she’s been abroad. A viewer notices, and questions her. And Sana can’t help but laugh! They are Japanese members, speaking Korean, while in Japan!


4. Momo Can Speak 3 Languages

Momo can’t help but trip over her words when she attempts to repeat something in Japanese but ends up saying “toilet paper mission” instead! When some viewers of the live stream make fun of her, she replies back that she can speak 3 languages fluently; Japanese, Korean, and Momo!


5. Mina Needs Help

After a cute aeygo performance on Weekly Idol, Defconn asks Mina how someone would say “I won’t forgive you” in Japanese. To everyone’s surprise, Mina quickly turns to Momo for help!


6. Momo Hesitates

While doing an interview in Japanese, Momo finds herself in some trouble. She gets stuck and can’t seem to remember any of her mother tongue!

My Japanese…I can’t speak Japanese!” —Momo