6 Beautiful Rookie Idols You Should Know About

These rookie idols are some of 2018’s most gorgeous girls!

1. MOMOLAND’s Yeonwoo

Momoland‘s vocalist, rapper, and visual, Yeonwoo is a triple threat! Sexy and sophisticated, this rookie is stealing hearts around the globe!


2. LOONA’s Heejin

With ten beautiful members in its line-up, it’s hard to name “the fairest of them all”, but LOONA‘s Heejin certainly stands out with her charismatic charm.


3. Dreamcatcher’s JiU

Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Visual? Wow! Dreamcatcher‘s multi-talented, former MINX member JiU charms old fans and new with her dazzling smile.


4. GIRLKIND’s Xeheun

In their debut MV, Fanci, Girlkind showed off their hip-hop swagger. Xeheun’s fierce beauty is totally in line with the group’s tough girl concept!


5. fromis_9’s Jiheon

Fromis_9 formed during the reality show Idol School and debuted in January. In their MV To Heart, the girls show off their school uniform concept. Jiheon’s bright eyes and pure smile earn her an A+ for her student role!


6. KARD’s Somin

KARD‘s Somin has a femme fatale look: classy, seductive, and dangerous. Her eyes are intense!