6 Of The Best Male-Female Friendships In K-Pop History

A guy and a girl can remain friends and be absolutely cute together!

1. Heechul & Taeyeon

These two were deemed the “Inconsistent Siblings” by fans because they have very different personalities.

Heechul is someone I would risk my life to save if he was drowning.

— Taeyeon


Heechul even spilled that Taeyeon is a huge Knowing Brothers fan and sends him messages when he does something funny or stupid on the show.


2. Heechul and Sulli

Heechul has a lot of close girl friends, including Sulli.


On Radio Star, she mentioned that Heechul told her to report to him if anyone ever tried to hit on her.

He showed up to the filming to monitor how the hosts were treating the members. He even showed his support of her movie “Real”!


3. BoA and TVXQ’s Yunho

BoA and Yunho have known each other for over 15 years. At first, they avoided each other because they both had very strong personalities, but found out they match really well because they are so alike.

We match really well, and he’s a friend who worked just as hard as me in Japan.

— BoA


Yunho shared that BoA even took the time to often visit him while he was serving in the military.


While BoA was promoting “Nega Dola”, Yunho came to the pre-recording at 1 a.m. with food and even gave advice to BoA and the dancers.


4. Stephanie & Jang Geun Suk

They have been friends for 12 years, ever since university. Their friends tried to set them up, but they became instant best friends instead!


When Stephanie didn’t have a lot of work, Geun Suk invited her to be a part of his Japan tour.

Stephanie said she wouldn’t accept payment for it, so Geun Suk helped pay for her school tuition instead. What a great friend!


5. Amber & Henry

Henber are particularly famous for practically being twins!

They’ve shown off their chemistry on TV many times before.


Many people even though they were dating because of how close they are. Amber shut those rumours down, however, when she shared that he has to help Henry clean up his relationship problems.

I wondered what it would be like to date him. But the more I think about it, the grosser it gets.

— Amber


They still remain very good friends & chat all the time!

On I Live Alone, Henry was prone to video-calling Amber whenever he had a moment to.


6. Yoo Ah In and Jung Yoo Mi

The two first met in 2007 together, and have been friends ever since!


Since they are so close and speak so warmly of each other in the media, many have high hopes they will date one day.

She’s still a woman I really like, but it doesn’t mean I have feelings for her.

— Yoo Ah In