6 Bodyguards Who Have The Cutest Relationship With Their Idols

For these bodyguards, protecting their idols is more than just a job – it’s like protecting family.

Bodyguards follow their idols around almost 24/7 to make sure they’re safe, especially in crowded places and in the presence of so many fans, so it’s easy to see how they can become close to their charges – they have to be willing to protect them at all costs. The below relationships between bodyguard and the idols they protect with their lives will make your heart melt!

1. IU’s bodyguard, Mr Park

iu bodyguard3

IU‘s bodyguard, known only as Mr Park, has been with her for more than six years, and it’s easy to see their relationship is like that of family.

Going above and beyond to protect IU, Mr Park is kind and attentive, covering her from the sun, wind or rain without asking.

He follows everything she does and helps to make her life easier and more comfortable.

And he definitely knows how to joke around with IU!

2. BTS’s V’s bodyguard and manager

BTS is known to be extremely close with all their staff, but V especially seems very close with their bodyguards and managers, and is often seen holding hands with his bodyguard in airports and crowded places.

v bodyguard hands

His managers also seem to act as bodyguards and are never far from him, not only to protect him but to enjoy his company.

taeyang manager

They always seem to be laughing around each other!

v manager laughing


3.  Minzy’s bodyguard, Kim Tae Soo

minzy tae soo 2

Kim Tae Soo, former 2NE1 member Minzy‘s bodyguard, has his own social media following for his cute interactions with the singer.

minzy taesoo3

The two always seemed to have fun together and loved posing for pictures, often copying each other.

minzy guard1


4. Kang Daniel’s bodyguard

Wanna One‘s former bodyguard seems to be especially close to Kang Daniel, although all the Wanna One members loved their bodyguards equally. At a fan sign event, Kang Daniel was seen pretending to feed his bodyguard jellies.


The bodyguard often jokes around with all the members.

He is seen taking care of Kang Daniel a lot, helping him at fan events.

bodyguard kang daniel

And Kang Daniel is always happy and smiling around him, so the respect is mutual!


5. BIGBANG’s bodyguard, Choi Jae Ho

Choi Jae Ho has been with BIGBANG for years, and he’s not only protected the members but supported them every step of the way.

top bodyguard

He often posts on his social media accounts sharing group activities and wishing his idols luck while expressing his love and gratitude for them.

bigbang bodyguard1 bigbang bodyguard2

Footage of the bodyguards saying goodbye to Taeyang in the military shows how close the members all are with their bodyguards.

6. Jeon Somi’s bodyguard “ahjusshi”

Jeon Somi‘s bodyguards have worked with her since I.O.I, and they seem to have a mutually kind and respectful relationship – she has been seen kindly giving them treats at a fan meet.

jeon somi1

But one of her bodyguards, known as “ahjusshi bodyguard” went above and beyond while protecting her at a public event, not only escorting her, but shielding her from the rain – and prying cameras. When her skirt kept riding up as she walked, she kept trying to tug it down, so he moved the umbrella to cover the cameras until she was more comfortable and prepared to walk on stage.

Their cute, respectful interactions were noticed and adored by netizens.

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