6 Types Of BTS Content That Helped Them Gain Global Popularity

BTS content is never-ending.

BTS, although now one of the most well-known K-Pop groups in the world, didn’t always start out like that. Not only were they talented musically, they also had a special bond with each other that could be seen through their own content.

Aside from spreading their message through music and performance, they also captured fans’ hearts through their daily life and self-made content. Let’s take a look at several of their own promotions that may have helped in growing their fandom.

1. BTS Bomb

Since the beginning, BTS has been releasing behind-the-scene content for free through their YouTube channel, allowing fans to get a more in-depth and personal interaction with the members.

And because Big Hit Entertainment was more lenient with fans creating secondary content from their videos, it allowed more people to be exposed to the group through various online platforms.

2. Soundcloud

BTS are known for their active Soundcloud activities, providing not only song covers of other artists, but also their self-produced music including mix tapes.

This type of music gives fans a taste of something other than their official album releases.


FESTA is a fun event that celebrates the groups’ debut anniversary, June 13.

Although there are many other artists that post contents online for their debut anniversaries, there aren’t many that make it a whole party for two weeks.

During Festa, fans can get a taste of everything, from choreography stages, family photos, self-produced songs, and more.

4. Run BTS!

Run BTS! is a variety show just for BTS where they take on various missions and games. Although this show started off as a project, it is now a long-running show that connects fans with the members even when they aren’t promoting anything.

5. Bang Bang Con

With many concerts usually being paid-only or member-only content, Big Hit released two days of BTS concerts for free before the Bang Bang Con Live concert. The concerts that were released were from ones that could only be seen through a DVD set. This type of content allowed newer fans to get a closer look at the members on stage.

6. Mnet’s American Hustle Life

This program was a new style for K-Pop idols as the format was to send the idols to the United States to learn hip-hop.

This show, however, is an essential show to watch for newer fans as it shows just how hard the group worked to be the artists they are now. They were able to learn the roots of hip-hop through famous rappers Warren G and Coolio.

For those that have just joined the ARMY fandom, this is good news, as there are literally tons of content, both free and paid, that you can pick and choose from to get to know these boys more!

Source: theqoo