6 Celebrities In Their 30s Who Wear Uniforms Like It’s Nobody’s Business

I didn’t know #6 was 30 years old 😲

Korean celebrities are famous for having youthful, never aging looks, even as they grow older. In fact, celebrities in their 30s don’t even look out of place when they wear high school uniforms!

If you saw these 6 celebrities on the street, would you be able to tell they aren’t students?

1. Kwon Nara

Actress Kwon Nara is turning 30 next year, but it hardly shows! In the drama Itaewon Class, she embody’s the nation’s “first love” with her neat, short hair and blue school uniform.

2. Joo Woo Jae

Actor and model Joo Woo Jae recently posted a selca wearing a school uniform on his Instagram account. You wouldn’t be able to guess he is actually 33 years old!

3. Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon turned 31 earlier this month, but she still easily fits into her old school uniforms! She looks just as gorgeous now as she did over 10 years ago, if not more.

4. Paul Kim

Paul Kim released several photos wearing a school uniform with Chungha for their collaboration song “Loveship”. At 32 years old, these photos really show he has a baby face!

5. Park Min Young


Park Min Young may be 34 years old, but there’s a reason why she is still given school scenes to act out. Her glass skin and fresh visuals make her look much younger than she actually is.

6. Park Bo Young

Actress Park Bo Young played the role of a student in the 2018 romance film On Your Wedding Day. She amazed viewers with her youthful beauty even at 30 years old.

Source: Insight