Just 6 Celebrity Real-Life Sibling Moments That We Can All Relate To

Relatable AF.

We know how it is to live with a brother or sister and it seems like it’s the same for sibling celebrities too! Here are some real-life sibling moments from celebrities that we can all understand.


You know those moments when you really hate to be up close and personal next to your sibling? AKMU is the same way.

Here they are using their hands to block each other from getting too close while trying to sing with one mic after the other mic malfunctioned.

Chanhyuk expresses just how uncomfortable it was to sing like that. “It’s so annoying feeling your breathing on me.”

Suhyun explains that she wasn’t happy either! “I was so annoyed too! Let’s just end it now!”

EXID’s Solji and her brother

We’ve all received the question of “Who do your friends think is the most popular from my friend group?”

Solji‘s brother received this question and answered without hesitation, “Hani.”

Solji continues to stare at him annoyingly while her brother is clueless to what he did wrong.

IU and her brother

We’ve all experienced our brother or sister not replying to our texts and it takes something detrimental for them to answer. In this text conversation with IU and her brother she has text him six times before she can get a reply, seven hours later!

IU: Hey

IU: Lee Jong Hoon

IU: Hey hey hey

IU: You

IU: You

IU: If you ignore me one more time I’m not giving you allowance anymore.

Brother: What

In this family photo uploaded by IU, you can see she puts heart-shaped blurs on her parents but a orange blob to blur our her brother. This is typical sibling behavior!

EXID’s Hani and her brother

Have you ever laid in bed while making your sibling do something for you? That’s exactly what Hani did!

Hani was on the sofa commanding her brother to make her ramyun, putting in orders to add ham and not to add scallions all while not moving one bit from the sofa.

Actress Kim Tae Hee and her brother Lee Wan

Kim Tae Hee‘s brother Lee Wan once used his sister to tell a story during a broadcast.

He had stated that his sister looked so embarrassing when she was at home.

After the broadcast went out, she received messages from people telling her to look a bit more made up at home too.

When they asked her to say something about her brother, she stated, “Why don’t you come home for once?”

Actress Song Ji Hyo and her brother

Song Ji Hyo needed a table during the filming for Running Man and so she asked her brother to bring her one.

Like a good brother, he brought the table to her. The producer of the show however let her know that she couldn’t take the table for free.

When they asked what his wish was, he told Lee Kwang Soo to hit her once!

Song was so caught off guard by his ridiculous answer…

…and had to undergo a low kick from Kwang Soo!

Can you relate to these sibling moments from celebrities? This just goes to show that regardless of being a celebrity or not, siblings will always act like siblings!