6 Collaborations Produced By BTS’s Suga That Prove He Was Born To Be A Songwriter

Min PD is in the house!

BTS‘s Suga isn’t just a renowned rapper, he’s also one of the top producers in South Korea at the moment. The Korea Music Copyright Association (KMCA) even attributes over 90 songs to Suga in terms of composition and songwriting.

While waiting for his much-anticipated song with IU, check out some of Suga’s other collaborations below!

1. Suran – Wine 

“Wine” is among Suga’s most notable works as a producer. It won best Soul/R&B track of the year at the 2017 Melon Music Awards.

2. Lee Sora – Song Request 

Released in January 2019, Suga also featured in and produced this popular ballad by Lee Sora.

3. Epik High – Eternal Sunshine 

Included in Epik High‘s EP Sleepless In__________, “Eternal Sunshine” is a hip hop song released in 2019. Suga revealed in an online broadcast that Tablo requested the production of this song while the BTS member was in Japan, and he was only too happy to make it.

Tablo-hyung asked me to write a song for him when I was on tour. I said, ‘okay’, then speedily prepared it by creating a sketch. I finished it in two days. I worked very fast and edited it little by little.

– Suga

4. Heize – We don’t talk together 

A massively popular song in South Korea, “We don’t talk together” received multiple “all-kill’s” in digital charts such as MelOn, Genie, and Bugs.

5. Halsey – SUGA’s Interlude 

Suga produced and featured in “Suga’s Interlude”, a song from Halsey‘s third album Manic. Halsey only had praise when talking about the BTS member.

Yoongi is really introspective and has this really intelligent perspective on where we are and what we are doing in our unique lifestyles.

– Halsey


6. IU – Eight 

One of the most-awaited collaborations in the industry at the moment, IU is set to return to the music industry with “Eight”. Suga both produced and featured in the song which is set to be released on May 6.