6 Collaborations Between YG, SM, and JYP Entertainment Artists

Although YG, S.M, and JYP have a fierce rivalry, whenever they team up and work together on a song, the result is always incredible.

While they are used to having to compete with one another on a daily basis, there have been times when Korea’s 3 biggest music labels have had the chance to work together. Whether it’s due to amazing songwriting, awesome choreographies, or simply the raw talent of their artists, JYP, S.M, and YG have proven that whenever they get together, they show some amazing results.

No matter if it’s an advertisement, music video, or stage performance, these top collaborations have all been huge hits!

Suzy and Baekhyun – “Dream”

The duet song, titled “Dream,” was the perfect collaboration between miss A’s Suzy (JYP) and EXO’s Baekhyun (S.M.). The jazzy ballad sold over 1.3 million copies. The song debuted as the number 1 song on South Korea’s Gaon weekly digital chart and remained in first place for 3 consecutive weeks.

Jihyo, Chanyeol, and Rosé – “TT”

The acoustic version of “TT” was sung by 10cm, TWICE’s Jihyo (JYP), EXO’s Chanyeol (SM), and BLACKPINK’s Rosé (YG) went viral at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun. This was the most recent stage collaboration made by the 3 agencies.

Wonder Girls and BIGBANG – “Tell Me” + “Lie”

Back when the song “Tell Me” dominated K-Pop, KBS‘ Music Bank organised a collaboration performance featuring the two hottest groups at the time, YG‘s BIG BANG and JYP‘s Wonder Girls. This performance was a huge hit, and a great way to cement the places of these legendary groups and songs.

J.Y.P, Min, Jo Kwon, and Hyoyeon – “Born to be Wild”

The JYP trio of J.Y. Park, miss A’s Min, and 2AM‘s Jo Kwon teamed up with Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon (S.M.) came together for an SM Station track titled, “Born to be Wild” and the music video is literally everything that is promised by the title. The four artists, all known for their wild dance moves, created an incredible dance collaboration.

Se7en – “When I Can’t Sing”

Se7en released the track, “When I Can’t Sing,” while a solo project from the YG artist, was produced by JYP himself. The song might not be a high profile collaboration like and of the other songs on this list, but JYP’s influence is definitely present in the song.

Girls’ Generation and 2PM – “Cabi Song”

The water park Caribbean Bay released the “Cabi Song” as part of their summer advertisement campaign. The song featured all of the members of 2PM and Girl’s Generation. The MV immediately went viral for its catchy lyrics, and revealing the muscular bodies of 2PM and the bikini looks of Girl’s Generation.