6 “Failed” Survival Show Contestants Fans Can’t Wait To See Debut

When will fans see them again?

Some survival show contestants are fortunate enough to debut, but many more return to the shadows after their survival show ends to continue their training. Here are 7 former contestants that fans are hoping will have the debuts they deserve!


1. Han Chowon

Han Chowon is currently a trainee under CUBE Entertainment. She ranked 13th in the finale of Produce 48 and was just barely eliminated from the final lineup.

Although Han Chowon could not debut as a member of IZONE, fans are hoping she will have the opportunity to debut with another fantastic girl group soon.


2. Lee Haein

Lee Haein is a former Produce 101 and Idol School contestant. Although she did debut with the now disbanded project group I.B.I, and faired well on Idol School, fans have not seen much of her since 2017.

Lee Haein scored supporting roles in K-Dramas such as 1% of Anything and My Secret Romance, but fans would love to see her shine on stage again. 


3. Minyoung

In 2015, this powerful vocalist competed on SIXTEEN, the survival show that brought us the official TWICE lineup. Minyoung placed 10th overall, barely missing the cut for this 9-member girl group.

After the show ended, Minyoung left JYP Entertainment to pursue her career goals elsewhere. For now, she has all but disappeared from the public eye, but that doesn’t mean she won’t make a comeback in the future!

4. Kim Choyeon

Don’t let Kim Choyeon‘s baby-faced beauty fool you; this former Produce 48 contestant has more than a decade of training experience!

Unfortunately, after ranking 50th in episode 8 of the show, she was eliminated, but Kim Choyeon is continuing to pursue her idol dreams as a trainee under A Team. Given her experience and skills, fans hope to see her debut soon!


5. Hwang Sooyeon

Hwang Sooyeon represented Happyface Entertainment during Produce 101, but was signed with Dream T Entertainment after the show ended. She was eliminated after placing 39th on episode 8.

This talented dancer appeared on season 2 of Unnies and has worked on and off as a backup dancer. She has also taught dance lessons for Mid Dance Academy.

Hwang Sooyeon now goes by the stage name Cherish and is now also the performance team manager at Dreamcatcher Company.

6. Go Yujin

In Produce 48, a survival show packed with stunning hopefuls, it’s not easy to stand out, but Go Yujin‘s visuals were impossible to ignore.

This gorgeous contestant was eliminated from the show after ranking 31st in episode 8.

She is currently a trainee under Blockberry Creative, but as of right now there has been no news about her debut plans.