These Are The 6 Fashion Trends BLACKPINK’s Rosé Is Influencing In Korea This Spring

The BLACKPINK members are always setting trends.

If you’ve ever wanted to dress like BLACKPINK’s Rosé, you’re not alone. She’s having a big influence on Korean fashion this spring-summer season. Here are 6 trends fashion editors say she’s helping to set.

1. Polka dots

Polka dots have a reputation for being a little garish, but Money Today and Fashion Dot both agree that Rosé is making them stylish again. Hyuna and Red Velvet’s Joy are also helping to popularize this spring trend.

This monochrome polka dot dress paired with white sneakers shows how the style can look cute and casual.

2. Floral dresses

There are a few dress trends making the rounds in South Korea this season, but none is more popular than the floral dress. Everyone is wearing them, from groupmates Jennie and Jisoo to Rosé herself.

FASHIONADE and Money Today noted how Rosé has been wearing a lot of florals lately, including one-piece dresses and two-piece top and skirt combos.

3. Boyfriend jacket

Formalwear as casualwear is another rising theme fashionistas are jumping onto. FASHIONADE credits Rosé as one of the idols wearing ‘boyfriend jackets’ right now, along with Hyuna, Joy, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, and many more.

Boyfriend jackets have more ‘masculine’ silhouettes with oversized shoulders. Rosé made hers super-casual with wide-cut jeans and a white t-shirt, adding a feminine touch with heart-shaped glasses.

4. Oversized cardigans

According to Style M and Money Today, the cropped cardigan is a spring-summer staple in the wardrobes of BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and TWICE members. But Rosé is one of the few making oversized cardigans more popular.

This look is the perfect mix of casual and comfortable, and definitely appropriate for those chillier spring days.

5. Check pants

For those cold spring days where pants are a must, South Koreans are turning to check pants thanks to idols like Rosé, Jennie, and Red Velvet’s Seulgi.

It’s been a while since Rosé rocked this sweet and simple loungewear look, but her cropped orange top and check pants were ahead of the trend. According to Style Ade, the look is still having influence today.

6. Wide jeans

When Marie Claire discussed this season’s trending denim styles, they didn’t hesitate to mention Rosé and her love for wide-leg pants. They’re considered one of this spring’s must-haves.

Whether she’s going for double denim or pairing her wide-cut jeans with a simple top, she shows how they can look comfortable and accentuate your figure.