6 Female Idols That Are Stressed Out Because They Can’t Gain Weight

No matter what these idols do, they can’t gain weight.

While some idols are constantly worrying about putting on weight, there are others who can’t seem to gain it, no matter how much they eat. The below stars are stressed by the fact that they are so thin that their fans worry for their health!


1. Sunmi

Sunmi has received comments from fans saying she’s “too thin” and asking “do you really think you’re pretty like that?”

She responded by assuring them she’s fine. “I’ll eat more and exercise, so please don’t mention it anymore. Please.” — Sunmi


2. GFRIEND‘s Sowon

During a live broadcast, fans commented on Sowon’s “mannequin” body and asked her the secret to her slim line.

Fellow member Yerin defended her friend, saying “no matter how much she eats, Sowon can’t gain weight. She doesn’t know why and says it’s stressful.”

Sowon’s long legs have garnered a lot of attention, with some fans saying how beautiful they are and others who think they’re too thin to be attractive.


3. Girl’s Generation‘s YoonA

In the past Yoona’s waist has been called a “handful waist” or “ant waist” because of it’s tiny size.

She’s been asked a lot about how she maintains it’s 23 inch-size but she says she doesn’t do anything special at all, it just doesn’t change.

When she appeared on Entertainment Weekly in 2013, she told the reporter, “It’s not a handful waist. How big is your hand?”


4. After School‘s Lizzy

Lizzy has also often been called “ant waist” because of her skinny proportions.

Fans would worry about her weight and ask her to please gain some to make sure she is healthy, but she always replied, “What can I do if I eat but never gain weight?”


5. KARA‘s Hara

Hara appeared on an episode of Third Round in 2014 and confessed the most comments she gets is about her weight.

She said that it might be genetic, but she can’t put on weight no matter how much she eats.

“Having a slim body is not always good. It is not easy to get nutrition. If I don’t control my diet, I lose all my muscles.” — Hara


6. Girl’s Day‘s Sojin

Sojin has trouble gaining weight above 45-50kgs but built up muscle and weight to this average during the groups’s comeback in 2017.

“I’ve eaten a lot during the comeback so my body feels stockier.” — Sojin

At this weight her waist is about 22 inches, but Sojin said that it won’t last. She expects it to disappear even if she continues to eat well.

Source: SBS Sports, Dispatch and NewsAde