6 Female Idols Whose Fans Are Always Worried They’re Too Thin

These 6 female idols are always so skinny that their fans are worried for their health.

1. Sunmi

At 166cm (5’4″), Sunmi only weighs 43kg (94lbs).

In a recent interview, she admitted to being too skinny but says she has to maintain her current figure in order to look good for photos.


2. Sooyoung

Though she’s 170cm tall (5’6″), with 107cm (3’5″) long legs she only weighs 48kg (105lbs)! No wonder she looks so skinny!

You can even see her ribs!


3. Chungha

Chungha‘s 161cm (5’2″) tall, yet only weighs 42kg (92lbs).

Her secret to keeping off the pounds? Keeping away from stress!


4. Seo Yeji

This talented actress is 169cm (5’5″) tall, with only 43kg (94lbs) to her name.

She says her entire family is long and skinny, just like her. Talk about skinny genes.


5. Hyuna

44kg (94lbs) sounds way too skinny for someone who’s 164 cm (5’3″)!

Fans suspect that Hyuna’s actual weight is even skinner than what is listed here. She’s revealed in past interviews that she maintains her weight out of respect for her fans


6. Yoona

Yoona has a beautiful height of 168cm (5’5″). But no meat on her bones means she only weighs 47kg (103lbs).

She is famous for not gaining weight even though she eats a lot. You can see her ribs too!