6 Female Idols Who Are Predicted To Become The Next “Suzy”

These beautiful idols are competing to become the next generation Suzy!

Koreans predict one of these 6 idols, who are early in their careers, could become the next Suzy, who is now one of Korea’s most successful idol-turned-actress. Which one seems to be most likely to take the throne?

1. Kim Sejeong (formerly of gugudan)

Kim Sejeong has great potential to become the next Suzy. Since her participation in the first season of Produce 101, Sejeong has continued to gain popularity. Once she debuted as I.O.I and gugudan, she appeared on different TV programs where she showed off her true self making the fans fall in love with Sejeong’s adorable personality. Sejeong took leading roles in School 2017 and I Wanna Hear Your Song, and proved that her potential isn’t limited to being a girl group member. With multiple commercial deals, Sejeong is definitely one of the strongest runner-ups to become the next generation Suzy.

2. DIA’s Chaeyeon

DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon expanded her fan base by appearing on Produce 101. With her flawless visual, she immediately saw a hike in her popularity. Since getting her name out through the audition program, Chaeyeon has landed roles in TV series like Drinking Solo, Reunited Worlds, My First First Love, and Shall We Live Together. She also took a lead role in the Korean-Vietnamese movie Live Again, Love Again and showed off her talent in acting. Steadily and stably building up her acting career, Chaeyeon has a great chance of becoming the next Suzy!

3. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy is Red Velvet’s most successful actress in the making. With her bright and lovely personality, Joy shows great potential in becoming a big name actress like Suzy. In her most recent K-Drama The Great Seducer, Joy took on a leading role and charmed the viewers with her talents and visuals. She also has a confirmed role in One One Person, which will air in December.

4. Cosmic Girls’ Bona

Cosmic GirlsBona is a star on the rise, with her recent appearance in different K-Dramas like Hit the TopGirls’ Generation 1979, and Your House Helper in which she took a lead role. As a part of Cosmic Girls, Bona has not received as much spotlight as some of the other members did. By diligently building up her acting career, however, Bona may open up doors for commercial deals and major drama and movie roles, as she clearly has the looks and the skills.  Bona definitely shows endless potential to become the next generation Suzy.

5. LABOUM’s Solbin

When LABOUM‘s Solbin debuted, she instantly gained a massive fan base for her center-worthy visual, actually said to resemble Suzy and Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri. Solbin has appeared on several reality shows, dramas, and commercials. She has been hosting Music Bank since 2016. Also starting in 2016, with Solomon’s Perjury, Solbin has actively shooting different K-Drama series. She also took the lead role for Twinkling Sound, which is a special educational drama sponsored by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance. This well-rounded all star is highly likely to succeed as the next Suzy.

6. Weki Meki’s Doyeon

While Weki Meki‘s Doyeon may not have an extensive list of dramas, movies, or commercials, she has a strong fan base that consists of female fans in teens and 20s. This could be more than enough to fuel her to become the next Suzy! She has stepped foot into the acting world with her appearance in Short and My Roommate Is a Gumiho. With her model-status visual, fans look forward to seeing Doyeon on the screen more often.