These 6 Female Idols Proved Orange Is The Superior Hair Color

Not everybody likes orange, but there’s no denying these gals made it their own.

It’s common for K-Pop artists to change hairstyles routinely. Over the course of their careers, many idols will have tried a large variety of hair colors, with some suiting them better than others.

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan has tried a wide variety of hairstyles throughout his career. | @PRINCE_JEONGHAN/Twitter

One color that doesn’t famously get tons of love from fans is orange, and considering how much it can clash with other colors, that’s not surprising. Even so, many idols have rocked orange hair in the past, and these 6 ladies are among those who did it the best!

1. Weki Meki’s Elly

The orange hair Weki Meki‘s Elly sported in 2018 was legendary, and we can only hope she’ll return to this look someday.


2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

The pastel orange hairdo Seulgi was owning during Red Velvet‘s “Russian Roulette” era was the definition of iconic. Whether styled up in a ponytail or styled down, she looked truly incredible in orange.


3. TWICE’s Sana

We still can’t get over Sana‘s look from “More & More” era. Her long, wavy orange locks still live rent free in our minds.


4. EXID’s Solji

On top of being a phenomenal vocalist, Solji of EXID is also an idol who looks fantastic with orange hair!


5. HyunA

Triple H‘s “365 Fresh” was a game changer, and so was the bright orange hairstyle HyunA rocked during that era. We would love to see her go back to this color someday!

6. Kang Mina

Former Gugudan member Mina made a bold statement with her fiery hairstyle in “SEMINA,” and we are still living for it! We wonder if she’ll ever have a chance to try this style again in any future work.