6 Former Idols Who Quit Being Singers To Become Something Else

They completely changed careers!

We all know that the life of a K-Pop Idol is not all glitz and glam and some of our favorite stars have chosen to leave the life behind to do something entirely different with their lives. Let’s take a look at a few of these former idols who have stopped being singers.


1. Sunye (formerly of Wonder Girls)

Sunye was a long-time trainee at JYP Entertainment before finally debuting with the Wonder Girls in 2007.  In 2013, she got married and halted all promotions with the group. Finally in 2015, she officially left Wonder Girls and started her new life as a missionary in Haiti.


Sunye currently lives in Canada with her husband and two daughters.


2. Kibum (formerly of Super Junior)

Kibum debuted with Super Junior in 2005 as part of the original 12-member rotation. He continued to promote with the group until they released “Sorry Sorry” in 2009, where he was absent from all promotions. Kibum denied leaving the group until his contract with SM Entertainment expired in 2015.


Since then, Kibum has been focusing on his acting career in Korea and China. Recently, he met up with Heechul again.

Kim Heechul Nearly Cries When He Reunites With Kim Kibum After 10 Years


3. Jessica (formerly of Girls’ Generation)

Originally a member of Girls’ Generation, Jessica debuted with the group in 2007. She continued to promote with the group until she started her own clothing line, Blanc & Eclare in 2014. Due to scheduling conflicts and extenuating circumstances, Jessica left Girls’ Generation and has been focusing on her clothing line.


Although she has released a few singles, Jessica continues to focus on her clothing line, Blanc & Eclare. She has also ventured out to other areas, including becoming an author!


4. L.Joe (Formerly of TEENTOP)

L.Joe made his debut with TEENTOP in 2010. He was with the group for 7 years before requesting his contract with T.O.P Media be nullified. Despite a messy back-and-forth, L.Joe left TEENTOP to pursue a career in acting.


L.Joe currently promotes under the name Byung Hun, and has been busy working as an actor in dramas and musicals.


5. Dongho (formerly of U-KISS)

Dongho debuted with group U-KISS in 2008, and was one of the group’s most active members—filming variety shows, acting in movies and dramas, Dongho did it all. He decided to leave the group in 2013, however, to pursue a normal life.


Dongho got married in 2015, and has been busy working as a DJ under the alias DJ Justin. Unfortunately, Dongho confirmed he and his wife divorced after 3 years together back in 2018.


6. Rome (formerly of C-CLOWN)

Rome debuted as the leader of the group C-Clown in 2012. The group promoted together for 3 years before disbanding in 2015. This was when Rome changed his name to Christian Yu, and formed music and video group Dream Perfect Regime (DPR).


Christian Yu has been busy working as a director, and chief editor of DPR. He has directed such music videos as BOBBY‘s “HOLUP,” and MINO‘s “Body.”