6 Girl Group Dancers Who Are Killing It Right Now In 2018

These girls have leveled up their dancing moves!

1. Weki Meki‘s Doyeon

Doyeon started the year off right.


During Weki Meki’s “Lucky” showcase, Doyeon was on fire!


Not only were her dance moves perfect but her visuals were on point too.


Fans just couldn’t get enough of Doyeon!


2. Oh My Girl‘s YooA

During Oh My Girl’s “Secret Garden” rehearsal, YooA blew everyone away.


Her practice clothes were just too cute.


Even though her outfit was adorable, she blew cute out of the water and went straight for beautiful.


Fans couldn’t get over her sexy moves.


They highly anticipated the real performance to see more of YooA’s stunning dance moves.


3. PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung

Although PRISTIN has yet to have a comeback this year, Kyulkyung’s past performances have fans looking forward to their next one.


Fans were particularly mesmerized by her aesthetic during the group’s performance of “Black Widow”.


They were equally impressed with her visuals on Show Champion.


Fans fell in love with her amazing dancing skills and on point beauty.


They are waiting to see what Kyulkyung has in store for them this year!


4. MOMOLAND‘s Nancy

Nancy dazzled many people with her mad dancing skills during MOMOLAND’s showcase to celebrate their 3rd mini-album.


Fans loved her sweet concept.


And fell further in love with her because of her angelic smile.


This isn’t the only time she’s blown fans away were her amazing skills.


Her performance of “Wonderful Love” hypnotized fans and kept them coming back for more.


5. Red Velvet‘s Seulgi

Seulgi’s dance moves are no joke.


Fans were super impressed with her dance skills during the group’s second album promotions.


Which may explain why they went nuts for her performance of “Bad Boy”.


Seulgi’s awesome dancing coupled with her incredible visuals to create a masterpiece of a performance.


Seulgi definitely knows how to bring the heat!


6. EXID‘s Jeonghwa

This dancing queen had some pretty fantastic moves at EXID’s “Lady” showcase.


She made the moves look so effortless and cool.


While Jeonghwa is dancing, she’s in her element.


Fans say she sparkles the brightest when she’s on stage!

Source: Dispatch