6 Girl Groups Who Became Popular After Drastically Changing Their Concept

1. Girl’s Day

Before: Kyawooddung (2010) with cute concept

After: Expect (2013) with sexy concept and addition of new members, Hyeri and Yura.

2. Wonder Girls

Before: So Hot (2010) with cute concept.

After: Why So Lonely (2016) with girl crush concept.

3. CLC

Before: Pepe (2015) with cute concept.

After: Goblin (2017) with girl crush concept.


Before: Push Push (2010) with “cutie-sexy” concept.

After: Alone (2012) with full-sexy concept.

5. GFriend

Before: Rough (2010) with cute concept.

After: FINGERTIP (2017) with girl crush concept.

6. AOA

Before: Elvis (2012) with rock band + dance concept

After: Miniskirt (2016) with sexy concept

Source: MBC Archive