6 Funniest Hidden Comedians In Their K-Pop Group

They are SO funny!

There are those who stand out because of their humor in every K-Pop group. They are often called the mood maker of the group because anything they do can brighten up all the members.

However, while they exist, there are also those who has the same power to crack the whole group laughing, but their humor doesn’t stand out so much in comparison to the official “mood maker.” They are still very funny nonetheless, though.

Here are 6 hidden mood makers in their respective K-Pop groups!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has some of the funniest humors ever! She isn’t afraid to express her real thoughts and be herself, which is one of the reasons why fans love her so much!

When someone asked her what she did for her exercise, she said she just breathes and it’s so funny because many can relate to her! Jisoo was even smiling when she said it, and it made her look proud that she doesn’t exercise and instead just breathes!

2. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

SEVENTEEN‘s Joshua is definitely a hidden mood maker! His jokes and reactions can make anyone laugh out loud and roll on the floor!

In one of the episodes of INSIDE SEVENTEEN, the members played a game where they had to throw random things and made sure it landed on the pillow because if it didn’t they would be the one responsible to clean up the practice room after their dance practice, and nobody surely wanted to do that. As an attempt to escape the consequence, Joshua ran towards the pillow and placed his item on top of it, but DK caught him, and the members fell to the floor laughing out loud!

3. MAMAMOO’s Solar

MAMAMOO‘s Solar is one of the funniest! Simple sentences she says can become funny simply because it’s her saying them.

An example was when MAMAMOO won an award and in the middle of giving the speech she made a remark saying that the award she was holding was heavy! She was in front of a large audience and was being filmed live for fans to watch and her saying that the award was heavy while expressing her gratitude was just gold!

4. ASTRO’s Rocky

Although not dubbed as the mood maker of the group, ASTRO‘s Rocky can definitely still be as funny as MJ, the group’s official “mood maker.”

This one time ASTRO was on stage and each member was taking turns to introduce themselves to the audience, but Rocky said “thank you” instead of saying “hello.” He didn’t even realize he made a mistake which made the whole thing funnier, so fellow member Eunwoo had to correct him!

5. BTS’s Jin

BTS‘s Jin is famous for his dad jokes that may or may not always be funny, however he still manages to crack up the whole team and every single ARMY when he gets it right!

This isn’t a dad joke, but definitely still one of the many funniest moments that involved Jin. While in the US and holding a live broadcast someone was knocking on the door and he kept asking “Who are you?” but in Korean and no one was answering. Then he realized and remembered that he was in the United States and said, “Oh, I’m in the U.S.” and changed the sentence to “Who are you?”

6. GOT7’s BamBam

GOT7‘s BamBam has to be one of the funniest human beings out there! From his random lines to his natural reactions, he is surely hillarious!

An example of his funny reaction was when a fan asked Jinyoung to marry her and Bambam couldn’t believe it! He was so shocked he couldn’t hide his true feelings and his reaction was very evident at he background!