These 6 “Honors Club” Female Idols Are Charitable Queens With Huge Hearts

They already donated tons of money and continue to do so.

The “Honors Club” — or also called the Honor Society and/or other names depending on the organization — grants memberships only to those who have donated more than a hundred million KRW (approximately $85K USD) in total. Membership to such circles surely represents the holder’s interest in giving back and doing good in the world. And these 6 female K-Pop stars have been nothing but charitable queens in their endeavors to fund money for good causes! Check out the beauties who are “Honors Club” members!


1. Yoona

Girls’ Generation‘s Yoona was the first idol to be invited into the Community Chest of Korea’s Honor Society in 2015. She has donated at least 300 million KRW to this and other charitable foundations and have contributed to making the world a better place!


2. Suzy

Suzy also became a Honor Society member in 2015. Since then, Suzy has remained actively interested in helping causes like providing assistance to low-income families, funding orphanages, and curing cancer in children.


3. Seolhyun

AOA‘s Seolhyun became the third female K-Pop idol to donate her way into this special society of generous queens. In 2018, as she joined the Honor Society, Seolhyun commented, “A lot of people helped getting me where I am today. Now, I’m going to repay that love.”


4. IU

While IU has not officially entered any honors clubs, she has donated over 600 million KRW to over ten different organizations that need the funds. IU is known to be thorough in her review of where she donates her money. She prefers to stay low key about her donations, but fans know IU is definitely the queen of sharing and caring.


5. Hyeri

In 2019, former Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri became the youngest member of UNICEF’s Honor’s Club. Hyeri’s generous donations are being used for school construction, educational material support, AIDS prevention, lifestyle education and teacher training programs so that underprivileged chidlren within Asia can receive education under a safe and clean environment.


6. Taeyeon

Most recently, Taeyeon became the 132th member of the Red Cross Honors Club. Taeyeon became interested in helping female kids and teens have access to basic healthcare. With her large donation of a hundred million KRW, Red Cross has been able to do exactly that!

Source: Nate Pann and SpoTV News