6 Idols Who Are Business Moguls When They’re Not On Stage

They’ve got great business plans.

While all idols give it their all on stage, some branch out into the world of business. Here are 6 idols who rock the business world when they aren’t performing!


1. Jessica Jung

Jessica is a woman of many hats. She is a successful singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer, and businesswoman. And she is particularly good at business!


Her fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare is hugely successful. It’s so successful that she has 54 stores worldwide!


2. BIGBANG’s Seungri

Seungri is a major business mogul. He is the proud owner of a popular nightclub in Seoul, a medical company, and a restaurant franchise called Aori Ramen.


Aori Ramen has done particularly well with 14 locations throughout South Korea, a location in Japan, a location in Malaysian that is in the works, and plans for five other locations across Asia!


3. Former 2AM member Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon owns Midnight In Seoul, a cereal café in the heart of Seoul. The café serves up a variety of cereals along with some fun toppings and choice of milk.


This place is extremely popular even among idols!


4. Former Rainbow member Hyunyoung

Hyunyoung owns a popular Spanish-style churro café! Customers can choose between more traditional churros or interesting new flavors at Sweet Churros.


The café also serves coffee, fruit juice, tea, and ice cream and is a major hit!


5. Jay Park

When Jay Park isn’t on stage he serves as the founder and Co-CEO of Above Ordinary Music Group (AOMG).


This independent record company specializes in hip-hop. Popular artists like Gray, Loco, Hoody, and Elo are all signed to this company!


6. Former SISTAR member Hyolyn

 Hyolyn is another idol that started her own company. In 2017, she formed Bridge. While her company is somewhat small, she has big plans for it.


She hopes it will become a place where active artists from different fields can come together and work on projects with each other. She’s hoping to involve other idols, video makers, choreographers, composers, and producers in her company.

Source: Dispatch and Sports Donga