6 Idols That Completely Owned Rainbow Hair

How do they make so many colors look so good?!

Idols dyeing their hair all kinds of colors before comebacks isn’t new at all. Most dye their hair a single color, or a combination of 2 or 3 at the most. But what about the ones who make waves of shock among fans…..for the waves of color in their hair?

We’re talking all kinds of crazy colors at the same time! Check out all the idols that  owned rainbow hair!

1. EXO’s Sehun

When the Wolf era rolled around, Sehun was spotted sporting bright rainbow hair that he pulled off incredibly well. His visual shone through with all the bright colors, and fans until today call it one of his most iconic looks!

2. Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon

This iconic girl group’s main dancer came out with rainbow hair during their I Got A Boy comeback. The comeback itself stunned fans everywhere with its ever-changing genre concept, and Hyoyeon fit right in with her all-color hair ensemble to match!

3. BTS’s RM

BTS’s RM rocked absolutely fluffy, cotton candy rainbow hair for War of Hormones promotions, and it reminded everyone of ice cream! For the rest of their promotions for the comeback, RM sported spiky rainbow hair with extreme finesse and ease- hopefully it’ll make a comeback someday!

4. SHINee’s Key

SHINee’s Key has sported rainbow hair in multiple eras: Ring Ding Dong, View and The Story of Light EP 2. are just a few instances in the idol’s long career! Key has a very whimsical style that lets him get along with just about any style there is, and he does it so well!

5. Jessica Jung

For an ADIDAS photoshoot back in 2016, Jessica was dressed in sporty wear and her hair dipped in all 7 colors of the rainbow! While she did not have the hair color for a comeback or other promotions and it was gone immediately after the photoshoot, fans still remember her flowing rainbow locks very fondly!

6. Jay Park

Jay Park was a part of the same photoshoot as Jessica, and he completely owned the vibrant colors on his head! With unique face-painting and floppy locks falling over his eyes, he made heads turn right around back to him!