6 Idols Who Created Phrases That Trended All Over Korea

These K-Pop idols even influenced how Koreans talk!

1. Wanna One’s Park Jihoon

“Save you in my heart” is a catch phrase that Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon created while on Produce 101 Season 2. This phrase has since trended world wide and had some of the most famous celebrities around the world trying it out themselves!


Ha Jung Woo covers his face in embarrassment after showing Park Jihoon’s signature move.


TWICE members have saved all their fans at once!


It was even done by Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.


2. TWICE’s Sana

During “Cheer Up” promotions, TWICE‘s Sana sang the words, “shy, shy, shy” along with a cutesy choreography and it blew up all over Korea. The phrase became so iconic that it been featured everywhere, including K-Dramas.


Kim So Hyun on Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight does her drunk version of “shy, shy, shy”.


BIGBANG‘s Daesung shows off his version, which simply might outdo the original.


3. Block B’s Zico

Block B‘s Zico promoted Ocean World water park with a catchy commercial song that goes “hotae hot-hae (하태핫해)”. This phrase, meaning something or someone is hot, swept the nation that summer. Koreans still use this phrase to describe something that is hip and trendy.


LABOUM‘s Solbin used the phrase to appeal that she’s a star on the rise when she appeared on Men on a Mission.


4. Super Junior-M’s Henry

On an episode of Real Men, while participating in a trivia, Henry wrote, “I don’t have 1 clue” on his answer board. From then on, Koreans began saying “1 clue” instead of “a single clue”. It is now very commonly used, especially in marketing.


This reads, EXID‘s Hani and Jeonghwa don’t have 1 clue about Jenga.”


5. Jessica

Jessica‘s dry reaction on Radio Star turned the average phrase, “Daedanhada (대단하다)”, meaning “That’s amazing”, into a very popular one. After watching Yuri show off a yoga move, Jessica’s “praise” sounded like a recording. This trended all over Korea and people began reacting with the phrase everywhere. The key is to sound completely soulless!



6. G-Dragon

G-Dragon created “Hangsho (행쇼)” when he appeared on Infinite Challenge and explained it means “Be happy”. This simple and easy-to-remember phrase became super trendy very quickly. Soon after, a show named after this phrase aired, called the Hang Show.