These 6 Idols Were All Inspired To Become Stars Thanks To BLACKPINK’s Jennie & Rosé

Chaennie are inspirations to us all.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Rosé aren’t just an inspiration to BLINKs—they also role models for tons of other idols out there. Here are 6 stars who all said they’re inspired by the amazing talents and auras Jennie and Rosé have.

1. Hyewon (IZ*ONE)

At once fansign back in 2018, IZ*ONE’s Hyewon revealed that Jennie is her role model. Hyewon praised Jennie’s charming visuals and cool personality, saying she aspires to emulate this sunbaenim. A few months later, Hyewon also told fans she was lucky enough to bump into Jennie in the hallway of a music show!

2. Belle (Cignature)

Cignature’s Belle considers her parents to be her biggest role models, but after them, she was quick to name Jennie as her inspiration. Jennie is Belle’s favorite idol because of her strong aura.

3. Youi (Dream Note)

Dream Note’s leader Youi is a huge BLINK and once named Jennie as her role model. Fellow member Eunjo also loves Jennie—so much so that she used Jennie’s picture as her phone wallpaper.

4. Seulbi (Girls’ Alert)

And Jennie isn’t the only BLACKPINK member inspiring other idols. Girls’ Alert’s Seulbi once named Rosé a her role model, and was once seen using her sunbae’s photo as her phone wallpaper.

5. Miyu Kaneko (LinQ)

Even idols outside Korea are inspired by BLACKPINK. LinQ’s Miyu Kaneko named Jennie as her role model because of her facial expressions, amazing dancing, and the way she sings during performances.

6. Nana (Woo!Ah!)

Nana, the leader of newly debuted girl group Woo!Ah!, is another rookie who is inspired by Jennie—particularly her stage dominance. Like Jennie, Nana tries to show her “duality” by sharing her real self with fans during everyday life while donning a charismatic image when she’s on stage.


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