6 Idols Who Look Totally Different When They’re Eating

These idols can throw it down when it comes to chowing down.

1. Girl’s Day Hyeri

This is the Hyeri we’re used to seeing:

And here’s Hyeri thoroughly stuffing herself with a Ssam:


2.  Highlight’s Yoon Doo Joon

Here is the handsome, well-composed leader of Highlight:

And here he is scarfing down a chicken drumstick:

3. SISTAR’s Soyou

The beautiful Soyou posing for the cameras:

And Soyou not afraid to make a mess in order to fully enjoy her meal:

4. TWICE Tzuyu

Goddess Tzuyu gracing everyone with her smile:

But she’s not afraid to freely chow down when it comes to food:

5.AOA’s Seolhyun

The angelic Seolhyun we all know and love:

Who is not afraid to grab every last bite:

6. BTS Jin

Mr. Worldwide Handsome himself:

Who seems to have an endless pit for a stomach: