6 Idols Who Have Never Dated In Their Life

These idols have been always been single.

1. Wanna One’s Hwang Minhyun

Hwang Minhyun may be a total cutie but he’s never had an actual relationship. Back when he was in middle school he had an online girlfriend but he has never dated anyone in real life. He also admitted that the first and only times he’s experienced skinship is at fan meetings!



Despite Rosé’s goddess-like visuals, she has never dated anyone! She once admitted she has no experience in the romance department due to her intense idol training since she was 15 years old.


3. iKON’s B.I

B.I may be one hot commodity but when it comes to dating he has confessed he has never been in a relationship before. He’s also never had a some, where there is something going on between two people but they aren’t sure what! In the past, he mentioned part of the reason for this is because of YG Entertainment‘s strict dating ban.


4. AOA’s Chanmi

AOA’s stunning maknae has also never dated before. She always gets asked questions about romance but has nothing to say on the subject. She once attributed her lack of romance to not owning a cellphone, “I didn’t have a phone even after debuting, so I never got the chance to meet anyone.


5. Kim So Hyun

She may have played the main romantic lead in numerous dramas but Kim So Hyun has yet to experience dating in real life. The reason behind her not dating anyone is because she did not see any reason to date and her acting career left little time for it anyway.


6. B.A.P’s Zelo

B.A.P’s maknae once confessed he has been solo since birth. Although he may not have any experience in that department, he also said he was a romantic kind of guy who would compose a song to confess.

Source: Dispatch