6 Idols Who Scrubbed Off Their Makeup, And Revealed Their Bare Faces For The First Time

Take a look at these 6 beautiful idols who look as good in bare-face as they do in full-makeup!

1. Suzy

Beautiful Suzy is famous for her lovely makeup style that brightens up her eyes and flushes her cheeks.

She showed up to a music show “going-to-work” photo zone without any makeup on! The nation’s first love was just as stunning as ever.

2. Sunmi

Sunmi loves the classic red lips with black eyeliners.

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The soloist recently posted a photo on her Instagram page, showing off her flawless skin and cute sweater top.

3. Hyuna

Hyuna always challenges the next level styles in makeup by mixing up colors and coloring around her eyes in unique colors!

There’s no doubt Hyuna’s fierce and thick stage makeup is gorgeous. But she is just as beautiful and cute without!

4. IU

IU doesn’t do a lot of makeup, but she keeps it simple with glossy lips and a slight focus on her eyes.

IU’s bright and porcelain-like skin is always glowing, make her even cuter and delicate looking!

5. EXID’S Hani

Hani is a goddess when it comes to makeup. She makes thick makeup look natural on her!

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Even without her trademark thick eye makeup, you can see that her eyes are really big and beautiful.

6. Super Junior’s Donghae

On rare occasions, Donghae decorates his flower-boy visuals with slight makeup on his eyebrows, eyes, and lips!

Donghae is notorious for rarely wearing makeup. He’s lucky because he’s got a gorgeous face that doesn’t need any!