6 Idols Who Have Way More Haters Than They Deserve

These idols are kind, lovable, and talented but haters won’t leave them alone!

1. EXO‘s Baekhyun

In 2017, hateful netizens bashed Baekhyun’s singing skills by saying that he couldn’t sing at all.


Baekhyun silenced most of these comments by performing a cover of Han Dong Geun’s “Amazing You” live on Instagram Live, but some haters still continue to question his abilities.


Baekhyun also came under fire in 2017 after supposedly telling a depressed fan that she should just do her best to live happily. In response, Baekhyun apologized and told fans that although he lacked knowledge about depression, his heart had been in the right place.

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안녕하세요 백현입니다. 12월 30일 팬사인회 현장에서 있었던 제 발언과 관련해 직접 사과를 드리고 싶어서 이렇게 글을 올립니다. 저는 사실 요즘 우울증에 대해 많이 겁이나 있고 과민한 상태였어요. 그런데 현장에서 그 팬분과 꽤 많은 이야기를 나누면서 너무 걱정이 됐고 덜컥 겁이 났어요. 제가 행복하게 해주고 싶은 팬이 즐거움으로 가득 차야 하는 팬사인회에서 저에게 털어놓은 이야기가 꽤 심각하게 느껴졌고, 이 팬과 오늘 이 자리에서 헤어지면 다시는 이야기를 나눌 수 없다는 생각에 마음이 많이 조급했던 것 같아요. 한 마디라도 더 위로하고 싶었고 저를 좋아한다고 했으니까 제 말이 힘이 될 수 있을 텐데라는 생각에 오늘 이 자리에서 빨리 어떻게든 해주고 싶었어요. 그 팬 분과 이야기 한 후 팬사인회가 끝날 때까지 그 생각에 빠져 있었던 것 같아요..그래서 그 팬분은 물론 현장에 오신 팬 분들께도 우울하고 힘든 일이 있어도 엑소는 물론 옆에 좋은 분들이 있으니 힘내시라는 말을 하는 과정에서, 경솔하게 말한 부분이 있었습니다. 제 마음을 짧은 시간에 잘 정리해서 전달할 수 있는 능력도 없으면서 섣부르게 말을 꺼냈어요. 제가 그 순간 왜 그런 말, 단어를 선택했는 지 후회됩니다. 정말 위로하고 힘을 내라고 하고 싶은 마음뿐이었는데.. 지금 이 글을 쓰고 있는 중에도 또 제 글에 실수가 있지는 않을까 두려워요. 하지만 진심으로 사과드리고 싶어요. 그 팬분께도 죄송하고 이 일로 인해 상처받은 모든 분들에게 죄송하다는 말씀 드리고 싶습니다. 앞으로는 말과 행동을 더욱 신중히 하는 백현이 되겠습니다.

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In this heartfelt apology, Baekhyun explained that he had just wanted to comfort his fan and give her strength. His good intentions were thwarted by the wrong choice of words and caused haters to lash out at him. Due to this incident, he is afraid of making similar mistakes in the future.


2. TWICE‘s Nayeon

During a live broadcast in 2017, Nayeon was ambushed with malicious comments from “fans” who called her names and insulted both her intelligence and appearance.


At first, Nayeon read the comments out loud and responded politely to her haters.


She continued the broadcast while trying to keep the mood light for her true fans.


However, as netizens continued to shower her with hate for no apparent reason, Naeyeon eventually told them that they were being too much.


3. Red Velvet‘s Joy

During her 2017 King of Masked Singer appearance, Joy made a tearful confession.


She said that before she joined SM Entertainment she used to think she was the best singer in town and loved to sing.


However, since her debut Joy has struggled to keep up her confidence. At one point, she only felt comfortable singing when she was alone in the bathroom, due to the criticism she had experienced.


Check out her interview here.


4. Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel

In 2017, Kang Daniel and Yoon Ji Sung received such horribly malicious comments that they took legal action.

They filed a complaint in early July and in August gave their testimonies at the Yongsan Police Station. MMO Entertainment released an official statement about the incident, saying that Kang Daniel had been the victim of online personal attacks and borderline sexual harassment.


5. NCT‘s Taeyong

Sometimes netizens find the most bizarre reasons to hate on an idol. Taeyong’s script folding incident is a prime example of this.


After a netizen shared this GIF on a Korean forum, haters were quick to say that Taeyong’s poor folding technique was a sign of his poor character.

Netizens accused Taeyong of showing disrespect toward the radio crew who had given him the script. Some called him names and went so far to say that he should leave NCT.


6. Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon

Taeyeon has continued to be the victim of online bullying despite taking legal action against malicious commenters in 2015.

In January 2017, Taeyeon shared this cute selfie on Instagram. In it, she is holding a cosmetic product. A netizen left a cruel comment on the post that criticized Taeyeon’s use of Instagram filters. They accused her of trying to hide evidence of botched plastic surgery on her eyelids and nose.


In response, Taeyeon advised her hater to go look in the mirror and then went on to post these gorgeous, bare-faced selfies.


Taeyeon radiated with confidence and her smile proved that she won’t let haters get her down!


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