6 Idols You’ll Immediately See If You Turn On The TV In Korea

They’re everywhere!

From fried chicken commercials to financial service advertisements, your favorite K-pop idols are everywhere and there’s a reason why! According to South Korea’s Brand Marketing Report, idols are major influences in consumer behavior.


Let’s take a look at some of the idol kings and queens of branding and their most recent commercials!



BTS is the king of commercials for fried chicken, BBQ Chicken that is. Anyone else craving a box?


KB Kookmin Bank is one of the 5 biggest banks in South Korea. Wanting to target a younger crowd, they reached out to BTS and recruited them as their newest, freshest models.



It would make sense for one of Korea’s sweetest idols to only be a model for one of Korea’s sweetest snacks – Moncher snacks! How lovable is this commercial?


IU also feels your pain when you’re feeling under the weather due to stomach cramps or headaches. She’s here to support you on those days with the commercial for On That Day pain relief medication.



The country that brought you computer games such as Sudden Attack, Lineage, and Maple Story also brings you G-Dragon — Lineage’s coolest model yet!


Launched last month, you can now apply for a debit card designed by G-Dragon at your nearest IBK Bank. Only 10,000 of these limited edition debit cards will ever be made!


Wanna One

Just when you thought Wanna One couldn’t get any dreamier, what about a commercial where they feed you Ghana chocolate? Yes, please!


Or have you ever wanted to carry around Wanna One in your pocket because you love them so much? Well, now you can! Customize your Shinhan Bank card with your favorite member’s face on it! Cha-ching!



Blossoming in beauty in her latest K2 commercial, Suzy looks ready for spring!


Some people say that makeup is a woman’s war paint. Check out Suzy’s fierce commercial for Lancome!



Who wouldn’t love to share a bowl of Nongshim Chapaghetti noodles with Seolhyun? She even says she can make us a bowl!


Giving each and every driver security and assurance, Seolhyun is the perfect model for DB Insurance.