6 IU Fashion Outfits That Embody The Korean College Girl Look

IU looks the picture of the perfect Korean college student.

IU can rock any look, but lately she has been seen out and about in fashion that immediately brings to mind the Korean college girl – who typically wears a backpack, over-sized shirts and comfortable shoes. Check out some of IU’s cute, on-point college-reminiscent outfits below.


1.  Heading to class

IU wore this outfit to the airport in late 2017. The backpack, baggy hoodie and ripped jeans scream college girl.

And with the comfortable Fila shoes, she’s ready for long hours sitting in one place, just like a student!

Even her expression fits the look – it’s as if IU really is heading to class!


2. Ready for anything

In this outfit, IU swapped out the backpack for a large, picnic-like shoulder bag and the pink hoodie for a crisp white one with patterned lines on the sleeves.

The tartan pattern on the bag gives the outfit a pop of color but is also super practical.

And the entire travel outfit (this time by train!) is rounded off by cute jean shorts and, you guessed it, comfortable walking shoes.


3. College social butterfly

Mixing up the college look, IU headed to GD‘s concert in June 2017 in this adorable denim overall dress and white long-sleeved undershirt.

It’s still baggy because IU’s all about comfort!

Everything about her, from her hair to her cute and bubbly attitude, perfectly compliments the fashionable student look!


4. Serious study

IU’s back to basics with this white backpack and striped green and white sweatshirt.

She’s waiting for a plane again and rocking the casual shirt-and-shorts look, sticking to darker hues with a white thread throughout each item.

Pop a baseball cap over that adorable bob cut, and the college student is complete!


5. Smart student

Kicking it up a notch, IU came back into Korea with these super cute glasses on top of a dark jacket and bright yellow sweater.

Her glasses frame her small face perfectly and the shades of brown and yellow are perfect complimentary colors. Doesn’t she look like such a smart and conscientious student?


6. Casual comfort

Rocking yet another backpack, IU paired this white and grey zipper jacket with a light pink backpack and joggers that look very well-worn!

The ripped jean shorts add a nice balance to the outfit, which completely covers the top half. She looks young, fresh and ready to study!

Source: INSTIZ