6 Jobs That BTS’s Jungkook Would Have Done Exceptionally Well In

There’s nothing Jungkook can’t do!

BTS’s golden maknae Jungkook is known for being a jack-of-all-trades in that he’s pretty much a skilled master in anything he does!

Let’s take a look at some other careers that Jungkook would have totally killed if he weren’t a singer!

1. Fashion Designer

We’ve seen in previous Run BTS! episodes of Jungkook’s skilled craft of creating unique and interesting clothes. It’s no surprise that he is talented with anything that involves using hands.



2. Florist

This could be because of his artistic skills, but his ability to coordinate flowers in an aesthetically pleasing way is enough for him to open his own flower shop!



3. Painter

For those that keep up with BTS’s shows or social media may have seen numerous paintings by Jungkook already. He is able to just take something in his mind and put it to paper with such ease!



4. Barista

Ok but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t drink coffee if the barista was Jungkook looking like that?

5. Sports Athlete

If you’ve been a long time fan you would know just how skilled he is in sports! From archery, running, baseball, he can do it all, just name it!

6. Video Director

Jungkook created G.C.F (Golden Closet Film) and has shared with fans his videography. He most recently took part in the directing for BTS’s newest track “Life Goes On.”

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This fan comment basically sums up Jungkook in one statement!

Although he would have done exceptionally well in any career, we know where his heart lies!

I want to live doing concerts like crazy forever!

— Jungkook

Source: theqoo