6 Korean Child Actors Who Are Basically Just Miniature Versions Of Idols

Many child actors have surprised avid drama lovers due to how identical they look to their adult actor counterparts.

Have a look at these 6 actors and their child actor doppelgängers!

1. Kang Dong Won & Yang Kyung Mo

Yang Kyung Mo played a young Kang Dong Won in the movie, Haunters.

His sharp facial features looked almost identical to that of Kang Dong Won’s, making him the perfect candidate to play a younger version of him.

2. Son Ye Jin & Kim So Hyun

While Kim So Hyun isn’t a child actor anymore, her uncanny resemblance to veteran actress Son Ye Jin landed her the role as Son Ye Jin’s younger self in Princess Deokhye.

Their facial features were so identical that some people even mistook Kim So Hyun’s photo for Son Ye Jin’s past photo!

3. Park Shin Hye & No Jeong Ee

No Jeong Ee played the younger character of Park Shin Hye in the SBS drama, Pinocchio. Their big bright eyes and effeminate visuals were incredibly similar.

4. Lee Yo Won & Nam Ji Hyun

Nam Ji Hyun was the perfect child actor to play a young Lee Yo Won. They both had bright and kind smiles that lit up the entire room they were in and very similar facial features.

5. Kim Yoo Jung & Choi Yu Ri

Kim Yoo Jung was once a child actor, but now that she’s all grown up, she needs one herself!

Choi Yu Ri was the perfect child actor to play a young Kim Yoo Jung, as their childhood photos showed they looked almost identical when they were the same age!

Can you tell who’s who?

6. Han Ye Seul & Kang Mina

gugudan‘s Mina was cast to play the younger role of Han Ye Seul in the upcoming series, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and with good reason.

They both have cat-like features, such as big, sharp eyes, and a small, sculpted face, making them look incredibly alike.

Source: Insight