6 Korean Dating Reality Shows That Will Give You Butterflies Just By Watching

We’ve got the butterflies!

It’s the off-season for dating right now, perhaps made even more so by the pandemic. If you want to feel the flutters anyway, we’ve got you covered. Here are six dating reality shows that have finished airing already, for you to binge watch.

1. “Studio Vibes”

This one got famous off the fact that it brought together not one, but two real-life couples, indie singers Nam Taehyun and Jang Jaein, as well as Melody Day‘s Chahee and rapper BIGONE. The vibes remind us of Begin Again and all of the cast hail from a musical background. While full episodes are only available on external sites currently, tvN has uploaded choice clips to their official channel.

2. “Heart Signal”

Already rather well-known, we would recommend Season 2 out of all 3 seasons if you’re pressed for time. The season was undoubtedly the most famous of the batch, although some say Season 1 was more satisfying to watch as it was more genuine and had less celebrity wannabes on the show. As it features non-celebrities routinely, the fresh faces may be pleasing to get to know. Full episodes are out on YouTube.

3. “Pit-A-Pat Shake”

Best known as the spin-off of We Got Married, we put this on the list mostly for the hilariously high-spirited couple of Lee Joon and Lizzy. Watch as they navigate the perils of teen love. This show may be a tad far back for some, but as they say, old is gold! Fans of the couple have kindly subbed the episodes on YouTube.

4. “Mamma Mia”

We enjoy the concept of putting together a non-celebrity and a public figure. This is made even more entertaining by the fact that all the dates are handpicked by the celebrity’s parents themselves, and monitored by the moms. It’s like Heart Signal‘s Big Brother panel, except with embarrassing anecdotes by nosy moms! IU even features in one episode with first date advice to her co-star Lee Ji Hoon that is about to go on a date with a ballerina. You can catch the episode fully subbed in English here.

5. “A Week of Romance”

One of the most classy veteran actresses, Han Go Eun, goes on a trip to Italy for a whirlwind romance with an Italian hunk. Although their rendezvous only lasts a week, it leaves enough memories for a lifetime. Ex-singer G.Na also stars in another season of the show for a French love story.

6. Single’s Inferno

This Netflix dating show took South Korea and the world by storm in 2021 and it’s not hard to see why. Attractive individuals stuck together on an island? Yes please.

Cozy up with one of these shows and some popcorn and we promise you won’t be bored!