6 Korean Dramas To Watch If You Love Action Or Revenge

Who doesn’t love a good old revenge story.

Something that a lot of Korean dramas are known for is the romance and love between the characters.

From the drama My Love From The Stars.

There are many Korean dramas however that focus a significant portion of their story towards action and/or revenge. Here are 6 dramas that focus on these aspects and are a bit different from the traditional love line story.

1. Healer

This drama revolves around a character who goes by the codename of “Healer” and uses his skills that he’s learned in order to do “tasks” for his clients. Throughout his “tasks”, he meets many new people and secrets start getting revealed about the truths of their pasts and how all these characters are connected to each other.

2. City Hunter

This drama is pretty much revolved around revenge and finding out the truth. Training a boy into becoming the ultimate “weapon” to avenge his father by teaching him skills of fighting, deception, hacking, etc.


Two best friends who eventually both become members of a secret service, but start having to make difficult decisions. These decisions lead to backstabbing and wanting revenge towards one another. Also elements of people faking their deaths and manipulation.

4. You’re All Surrounded

Story of a boy who wants to catch the person who killed his mother and wanting to “expose” the detective who promised to keep his mother safe. As he goes on this journey, he learns shocking details about the people around him.

5. My Secret Terrius

A mix of action and comedy, where a husband is mysteriously killed out of nowhere and an NIS agent tries to assist the wife in any way he can. While he does this, he is also trying to learn about how is own lover was killed and if he was backstabbed.

6. Phantom

An infamous hacker that attempts to find out the truth about his friend’s death and about the “dirty” work that was being done behind his back.