6 Korean Women’s Fashion Trends That Men Just Don’t Understand

There are some fashion trends that women love that Korean men just don’t get. 

1. Socks with sandals

What was previously seen as a fashion disaster is now a growing trend!

2. Fashion glasses

Many idols have been seen wearing fashion glasses; glasses that are just the frames or with plain glass in place of the lenses.

3. Sparkly shoes

Shoes with lots of beads and colors have also been on the rise in the fashion world.

4. Pajama-like clothes

Comfy and fashionable! Clothing styled to look like pajamas have been gaining popularity lately.

5. Lacy lingerie clothing

There are many dresses and other clothing items that incorporate lace into the design. Many men think it makes the clothes look like underwear!

6. Wide-legged pants

These pants are stylish and slimming, but they also may make the wearer appear less “feminine”.